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With the topic of legalizing marijuana all over the TV all the time you would know that it is a modern and upcoming discovery.  Many men and women don’t know about how seasoned the plant is and what it has been used for throughout time. If you are fan of those older western films like I am, I am sure you have seen the Native Americans sitting around inhaling a Peace Pipe.  This was not the only way the pot plant was used in time. The plant itself was found to be easily tough, strong and made sturdy ropes. The roots and seeds were used for a few ailments that popped up overtime as well. Even back before research labs and chemist, people understood the good points of the hemp plant.  It was used for pain control, relaxation, and used while in religious ceremonies or for pain. Its mind altering effects gave men and women the ability to sit with others and also brought people together. Now, there is all this hype about making the use of marijuana allowed and how it will affect the general public.  If it makes people happy and have no pain, I say I am all for it. The negativity and anger that so many people seem to feel these mornings and the inability to see another’s issues may be made better if people are allowed to use marijuana on a more daily basis. All of us could consider history and maybe learn something from the people.

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