HVAC zone control helps me get the job done

Working from home is awesome, until winter sets in and you live up north. Well, I guess it’s still awesome, because I don’t have to go outside and commute in the yucky snow and ice. However, it also means that I don’t have a cozy office to go to elsewhere. At work when you have an employer with a physical location, you can turn your HVAC down at home and leave it really low to save money. But when you work from home, then you are the one paying to heat the place you work all day long, in addition to your home in the evening. So, while I save money on gas from the commute, I don’t save as much as you would actually think. Well, my husband finally intervened and decided it was time for me to get a truly professional home office. For my birthday this year, he surprised me with an HVAC zone control for my own little work place! It was really easy. Instead of trying to extend the old boiler, he just did an electric furnace method with baseboard radiators. So I basically have my own little room of electric heat that can stay plenty warm no matter how cold it gets. Plus the electric furnace has zero downtime since I’m not waiting for a boiler to heat water and get it to me; it starts heating up the room almost immediately. It’s amazing how much faster I work when I’m warm and comfortable! Not only is my office cozier, but our utility bill has gone down too.

zone control