Home Security and emergency services

One of the main concerns for some families, when considering getting a home security system, is how to get the police or emergency medical teams into the house without breaking in a door or a window.  The home security companies have small key holders that hang on doorknobs. This seems like a silly way to deal with the keys, but they are quite secure. There is a keyless lock and you need to have the code open the lock.  Only if the proper code is put in, will the lock open. If there is more than two tries, the security company will lock out the people on the lock box, and the key will not be able to be accessed. Most Emergency service companies and police, are able to contact the home security service and they will open the electronic lock via wireless.  This is the system that my sister uses. My mother was at her house and she had to go out for a while. When mom fell, her emergency alarm went off. It notified the home security company who notified the police and the ambulance. They called the security company to have the lockbox opened and to be able to get the key to get into the house.  They got into the house and they were able to get mom safely out of the house and to the hospital. My sister knew within ten seconds, that there was a problem in the home, and they called to tell her what was happening. Home security services have been a life saver in many ways when it comes to their home.

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