Forgot my HVAC tune up and still got charged

I am not doing so hot with my memory. I keep forgetting the absolute worst things to forget. I forgot my mother’s birthday. I did not call her, get her a gift or make her dinner like I always do. I forgot about my son’s hockey game and we just missed the whole thing. To end this horrible week, I also forgot about my HVAC tune up. Every seasonal change I have my HVAC business come into my home to service my equipment. It is on the first of the month and at the same time. I have the HVAC tune up in my planner, on the calendar and even get a week in advance call from the HVAC company. I was not at my house when the HVAC contractor arrived. I totally spaced out and went and bought groceries. I did not bring my phone so when the HVAC professional called to try and get in, he got nothing. The HVAC worker eventually just left my home and I got a message that he abandoned ship. I got charged still for the appointment since I was the one who set it up. It is expensive getting a HVAC tune up and I did not actually get one. My heater and ac plan still need oiling, tightening and cleaning. I will need to get the HVAC contractor back into my home to do the job. I can’t forget it this time though. I can’t afford to just have the heating and cooling technician stop by and do nothing to my unit.

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