Everyone’s life is getting easier

With the subject of saying yes to legal marijuana in the news all the time you would think that it is a new & neat discovery.  Many men and women don’t guess about how old the pot plant is & what it has been used for within history. If you are lover of old west motion pictures like I am, I am sure you have seen the indians all laying around smoking the peace pipe while hallucinating and talking to the spirits. This was not the only way the plant was used in history.  The plant itself was found to be actually harsh & made sturdy ropes. The roots & seeds were used for many things as well. Even back before research labs & chemist, people understood the good points of the hemp plant. It was used for pain control, calmness, & smoked during religious ceremonies or war talks. Its mind altering ideas gave people the ability to rest with others & maybe see a new point of view.  Now, there is all this backlash about making the use of marijuana legal & how it will affect the general people walking around. If it makes people more peaceful, I say I am all for it. The bad points & anger that so many people seem to believe these nights & the problem to see another’s point of view may be made better if people are allowed to use pot on a more regular basis. We could take a page out of history & maybe learn a thing or two from the people who used this pot plant for so many positive things.

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