Cons of a tankless water heater

When our family water heater quit on us, I went researching online to find a new one. I realized that you can go with tankless water heaters or one with a tank. I read the pros and cons of both and I still don’t know what to do. A tankless model is so efficient, but there are a lot of cons. The main con to a tankless water heater is the cost of it. The initial cost of the water heater is super expensive because of the installation. The tankless models have high powered burners, special venting that needs to be sealed, and a huge cut hole for the gas pipe that links to the burners. All of that is quite pricey and has to be done by a professional plumber. Can you imagine a handyman handling all of those complicated plumbing steps? Also, the upfront cost of the actual unit is considerable. The units are usually quite small and super pricey. A large family can’t make do with a tiny unit, they need to get the big boy. The bigger tank is almost double the money. Even with a large tankless water heater, you are not getting that much power. The tankless model says you get instant hot water out of all of your fixtures. The problem is that it can’t do it out of multiple. So if the washing machine or dishwasher is on, better wait to take your shower. You are going without hot water this way. But in the end, if you can do with a small tank it will be worth it. Having instant hot water is nice and no water is wasted being stored.

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