Catching a cold in the winter and HVAC

It is quite easy for me to catch a bug in the wintertime, even when I do everything I can to prevent it. In my workplace, I am always sure to wash my hands thoroughly after using the bathroom, and I have plenty of hand sanitizer on my desk. I also take vitamin C supplements to boost my immune system. I even bundle up in as many layers as I can when I walk to and from my car in the morning when I go to work, and in the afternoon when I leave. Despite this, I always catch a cold at least once, but often a few times throughout the winter season. That is why I love coming home to my nice, warm, and comfortable furnace to take the chill away. I save all my sick days of the year for the winter if I can. It’s always a bummer to have a cold, but I will admit that it is quite nice to not have to come into work and to just be able to relax in the comfort that my heating system provides me on a cold winter day. My favorite thing to do on a sick day in the winter is build a fire and brew a cup of really good herbal tea. Then, I either relax in bed with a good book, catch up on shows or movies with my video streaming service, or simply nap away the day in perfectly heated comfort. I don’t know what I’d do without my furnace in the winter, especially when I have a cold!