Card access system installation

I work for a very busy software company, and we recently acquired a new software system. The software system is relatively new, and we are still working out the bugs. The recent software was made to accompany a card access system. The card access system is one of our biggest products. We provide the card access system to local businesses as a security solution. The card access system can be set up on any door or entrance point. The card access system is a small reader with a swipepad. Each employee is issued a single access card that is embedded with the employees name, employee number, and Social Security number. Each time an employee swipes the access card, the software system records the entrance. This is a great way to monitor Employees leaving and exiting the building. We recently upgraded our software, so the card access system has even more features available. We used a few local customers to sample our new software, while it was still in the BETA version. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t seem to work with the hardware. Once we updated the programming, a few of the card access systems no longer worked. We have been working on the software bug for a few weeks, and we just located the problem. It’s going to take some time to update all of the remaining card readers. Until we can solve all of the software issues, we can’t market the new version of our card access system. We need to launch a product free of errors, if we are going to compete with the huge software conglomerates.