Camping in the wild-just need portable heating

Every year I do a huge trip with my buddy Shane. We pick a new country to hike, camp and explore the culture. For awhile the two of us were picking all warm locations. Now we have moved onto colder countries. The scenery in those places is just beautiful. The camping regulations are super loose too. Basically my buddy and I can hike to when we don’t feel like it and pitch a tent in the wild. We can sleep on a mountain, in the grass or on moss covered turf. The only downside is that the weather is super cold. Even going in the summer, the temperatures only get to be around 50 degrees. At night, sleeping in 30 degree weather with no heating is a problem. My buddy and I like sleeping in the wild too much. We don’t want to hike in the day and sleep in a hotel with quality heating at night. It feels like cheating and you don’t get to enjoy the sights as much. So now the two of us are researching portable heating options. We want to bring heaters right with our normal gear. The heater is just as essential as the tent we sleep in. Shane found portable heaters online that are battery operated. We could each pack two and share a tent. With four little portable heaters going, the weather should not feel so bad. With quality heating, we would be able to stay out in the wild for a long time. Basically we could spend our whole trip living off the land until we go home.

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