There are times when it is extremely difficult to cope with or accept certain situations. Death. for example, is one thing which we will never get used to. It always brings with it shock and grief, regardless of the manner of the person’s passing. For “God has put time indefinite into the heart of man”. Nobody wants to die or to face the trials and difficulties which death usually brings in its wake. When my neighbour’s husband died, it left the family broken at heart and out of pocket. In a matter of weeks, they lost their electricity supply and with that the use of their lights, stove and AC. We live in a cold climate so my bereaved neighbour’s house was as cold as a tomb, without her HVAC furnace. As friends and neighbours, we couldn’t watch them freeze so we all came together and paid the utility bill. The furnace was working again but we did not know that with the outstanding balance on their HVAC unit, the HVAC company was now threatening to repossess it.  We are not rich people so no way could we take on that HVAC unit debt. Then somebody had the bright idea of explaining our neighbour’s dire situation to the HVAC company manager. Fortunately, he was a good guy and agreed to drop the repossession idea and to cut the monthly payments by half. The family was able stay warm and one of the youngers who was interested in learning HVAC servicing, often went by the AC store to run errands, clean up, or help out in whatever way he could Misfortune sometimes brings out the best in people.