All my various air quality devices

I will admit that I am a little nuts when it comes to air quality. The reason is that I hate getting sick and I know dirty air conditions will make a person sick. I have an air purification system that hooks right to my HVAC technology. As the heater and AC plan turn on, so does the air purifier. The air quality is cleaned and the perfect temperature. I have no smells in my air either. I did not stop with just getting an air cleaner though. I wanted my air conditions to be perfect. You can still have clean air but dry skin. So that is why I got a humidifier for my heating equipment. Adding humidity with the heater was a game changer. The heating system feels naturally warmer with moisture in the air quality. My skin is not dry, my lips are not chapped and I never have a bloody nose. I did the reverse in the summer season with a dehumidifier. The moisture used to promote mold growth in my system and get me sick. With the dehumidifier, the mold can’t grow since there is no moisture. My skin suffers from no breaks outs too due to the dryness. After these purchases I read about UV lights. These Ultraviolet lights install right into the AC equipment and clean the air quality before it goes in the system. It is like the heavy duty air quality cleaner. My home has never felt so fresh. If there is a new air quality device on the market though, I know I will buy it.

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