All day HVAC installation

When my wife and I decided to purchase a brand new HVAC system, the company said it would take most of the day. My wife and I didn’t think that was true, so we made plans for the afternoon. When the HVAC installation team arrived early in the morning, they had three trucks full of materials. Four men showed up at my doorstep, and each of them had a different job. One of them was working on the outside condenser. Another gentleman was busy moving parts from the truck to the garage. The other two guys were busy removing all of the old HVAC system parts. After an hour, they were just getting started with the HVAC installation. That’s when my wife and I looked at each other and knew we would need to cancel our afternoon plans. We called our friends and told them we would need to postpone until the following weekend. My wife and I sat in the living room and put a movie in the DVD player. When the movie was over, we decided to go to the garage to see how the HVAC installation was progressing. They still had pieces and parts all over the Garage. In 2 hours, it didn’t seem like they got much work completed. My wife and I decided to order some takeout for lunch, and we asked the HVAC installation team if they wanted anything. They seemed content to continue working on the HVAC installation, until it was finished. The installation job took a total of 6 hours, from start to finish. We spent all day at the house, until the last nut and bolt were tightened.