Our first dispensary

My best friend Barbara has thought about opening a dispensary for cannabis in our neighborhood. She easily wants to have cannabis products inside that inventory but also wants to be quite certain that people easily have some education on marijuana as well as cannabis. There needs to be some training for these types of dispensaries as well as the bartender jobs. It’s easily on doubtedly pressing to my friends who have this knowledge + cannabis education on the subject at hand. There are very pressing things for people who are working in this area. My friend has a sales team that works at this dispensary to help teach every person on the staff about medical cannabis plus the education. Some dispensary owners are not eager to learn more about marijuana + cannabis education, but this person believes that each individual should learn up about that task. I easily believe my friend will do us all a great job plus hopefully she’ll be able to bring us back a few samples from the cannabis dispensary. I’m happy to see the passion that she has for marijuana education, dispensary Education, Plus cannabis education. My friend will do a seriously great job plus she may undoubtedly start the type of Revolution that changes the way all people think about the cannabis use inside of our regional area. My friend will have just the type of Licensing + training to provide us with the information that will teach people why this important drug should be legalized everywhere. What more could be important to another person.

Card access system installation

I work for a very busy software company, and we recently acquired a new software system. The software system is relatively new, and we are still working out the bugs. The recent software was made to accompany a card access system. The card access system is one of our biggest products. We provide the card access system to local businesses as a security solution. The card access system can be set up on any door or entrance point. The card access system is a small reader with a swipepad. Each employee is issued a single access card that is embedded with the employees name, employee number, and Social Security number. Each time an employee swipes the access card, the software system records the entrance. This is a great way to monitor Employees leaving and exiting the building. We recently upgraded our software, so the card access system has even more features available. We used a few local customers to sample our new software, while it was still in the BETA version. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t seem to work with the hardware. Once we updated the programming, a few of the card access systems no longer worked. We have been working on the software bug for a few weeks, and we just located the problem. It’s going to take some time to update all of the remaining card readers. Until we can solve all of the software issues, we can’t market the new version of our card access system. We need to launch a product free of errors, if we are going to compete with the huge software conglomerates.

I was enjoying the information

With the topic of legalizing marijuana all over the TV all the time you would know that it is a modern and upcoming discovery.  Many men and women don’t know about how seasoned the plant is and what it has been used for throughout time. If you are fan of those older western films like I am, I am sure you have seen the Native Americans sitting around inhaling a Peace Pipe.  This was not the only way the pot plant was used in time. The plant itself was found to be easily tough, strong and made sturdy ropes. The roots and seeds were used for a few ailments that popped up overtime as well. Even back before research labs and chemist, people understood the good points of the hemp plant.  It was used for pain control, relaxation, and used while in religious ceremonies or for pain. Its mind altering effects gave men and women the ability to sit with others and also brought people together. Now, there is all this hype about making the use of marijuana allowed and how it will affect the general public.  If it makes people happy and have no pain, I say I am all for it. The negativity and anger that so many people seem to feel these mornings and the inability to see another’s issues may be made better if people are allowed to use marijuana on a more daily basis. All of us could consider history and maybe learn something from the people.

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Home Security and emergency services

One of the main concerns for some families, when considering getting a home security system, is how to get the police or emergency medical teams into the house without breaking in a door or a window.  The home security companies have small key holders that hang on doorknobs. This seems like a silly way to deal with the keys, but they are quite secure. There is a keyless lock and you need to have the code open the lock.  Only if the proper code is put in, will the lock open. If there is more than two tries, the security company will lock out the people on the lock box, and the key will not be able to be accessed. Most Emergency service companies and police, are able to contact the home security service and they will open the electronic lock via wireless.  This is the system that my sister uses. My mother was at her house and she had to go out for a while. When mom fell, her emergency alarm went off. It notified the home security company who notified the police and the ambulance. They called the security company to have the lockbox opened and to be able to get the key to get into the house.  They got into the house and they were able to get mom safely out of the house and to the hospital. My sister knew within ten seconds, that there was a problem in the home, and they called to tell her what was happening. Home security services have been a life saver in many ways when it comes to their home.

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Thinking about cannabis

For years, I suffered from poor migraine headaches, with no relief.  I am not alone in this problem. Thirteen percent of the population in this country deal with migraine headaches.  85% percent of migraine sufferers are ladies. It is the fifth official illness in the world, plus the resulting cost of healthcare plus lost productivity adds up to $36 billion quarterly.  A migraine is way bizarre than a poor headache. When I suffered a migraine, I dealt with a throbbing plus merciless pain along the front plus sides of our head. My eyeah would be sensitive to light, plus I’d get fatigued plus nauseous.  Occasionally I’d even throw up. The dentist prescribed multiple medications, however these helped absolutely little. After studying up on the long-term side effects of the medication, including liver plus kidney disfigure, I started looking for something safer plus more natural.  A neighbor of mine suggested medical marijuana as a natural remedy. I was a little unsure about this, so I did some studying on the subject. I l acquired that in a recent study, the participants were given a combination of the cannabinoids THC plus CBD. In the first phase, bizarre dosages of the several were administered to figure out the most effect level to treat migraines.  Given 200 mg of THC plus CBD for many months, patients reported a 55% reduction in pain. For the fifth stage of the study, the volunteers were chop into several groups. The first group was given THC/CBD supplements, plus the fifth group took amitriptyline, which as an antidepressant plus a conventional treatment drug. The cannabinoid therapy proved far better at both lessening the frequency plus pain of migraines. With such obvious potential in medical marijuana as a treatment for migraines, I knew I needed to provide it a try.  There are none of the harmful side effects of traditional medicines, plus it’s much less extravagant. Fortunately, medical marijuana has recently been legalized in our beach house state, plus I’m able to take advantage of his natural plus safe remedy.

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Puppy likes the heater

My bedroom is the farthest place from my heat pump, and sometimes it can be several degrees colder than the rest of the house. Instead of jacking up the temperature on the thermostat, I decided to buy a small portable heater just for the bedroom. The portable heater only cost me $12, and it has a temperature dial as well as an on-off switch. It also has a special button on the bottom, which alerts the heater to shut down if the heater is tipped over. My wife and I use the portable heater on nights when the outdoor temperatures are downright frigid. A few days ago, we brought home a brand-new puppy. She is a very cute pitbull with one black eye and one white eye. She is the cutest puppy I have seen in years. She isn’t potty trained yet, so she has been sleeping in a crate. She howls all night, even though she has been fed, watered, and pottied. I thought she was cold, so I moved the crate a little closer to the portable heater. That seemed to help the puppy, because she actually started to calm down. She still whimpered and whined for a few minutes, but she eventually settled down and fell asleep. The night I moved her crate in front of the heater, she slept for 5 hours before waking up. That was the longest night of sleep I have received, since bringing the small pitbull home. I don’t know if the portable heater worked, or if I have finally worn her down, but I was happy to get a few hours of sleep that night.

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Thankful for heater

My friends and I are full-time paramedics with the City’s Fire Department. Whenever there is a nine-one-one emergency that requires medical assistance, my friends and I are sent. The job can be physically demanding at times, and every day can also be an emotional rollercoaster. My friends and I work hard and play hard. During the day, we are constantly running from one place to another. The only time we relax, is on the weekends. My friends and I often go hiking to clear our minds. Last weekend, my friends and I decided to go hiking at a new location. We were excited to see three large waterfalls on the trail. Things took a turn for the worse, and we wound up lost in the forest. We didn’t find our way out, until the middle of the night. In fact, the sun was almost coming up by the time we made it back to our car. My friends and I were almost hypothermic, and the outdoor temperatures were only 27 degrees. We turned on the heater in the car and tried to warm our bodies. I decided to put the heater on a medium temperature, so we wouldn’t shock our system. My friends and I sat in the car for an hour, with the heater running. By the time we thawed out completely, the sun was starting to come up. My friends and I thought we might surely freeze to death in the woods, and we were never so happy to see the lights of our car. Thank goodness we had plenty of gas, so we could run the heater for hours.

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Cons of a tankless water heater

When our family water heater quit on us, I went researching online to find a new one. I realized that you can go with tankless water heaters or one with a tank. I read the pros and cons of both and I still don’t know what to do. A tankless model is so efficient, but there are a lot of cons. The main con to a tankless water heater is the cost of it. The initial cost of the water heater is super expensive because of the installation. The tankless models have high powered burners, special venting that needs to be sealed, and a huge cut hole for the gas pipe that links to the burners. All of that is quite pricey and has to be done by a professional plumber. Can you imagine a handyman handling all of those complicated plumbing steps? Also, the upfront cost of the actual unit is considerable. The units are usually quite small and super pricey. A large family can’t make do with a tiny unit, they need to get the big boy. The bigger tank is almost double the money. Even with a large tankless water heater, you are not getting that much power. The tankless model says you get instant hot water out of all of your fixtures. The problem is that it can’t do it out of multiple. So if the washing machine or dishwasher is on, better wait to take your shower. You are going without hot water this way. But in the end, if you can do with a small tank it will be worth it. Having instant hot water is nice and no water is wasted being stored.

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Everyone’s life is getting easier

With the subject of saying yes to legal marijuana in the news all the time you would think that it is a new & neat discovery.  Many men and women don’t guess about how old the pot plant is & what it has been used for within history. If you are lover of old west motion pictures like I am, I am sure you have seen the indians all laying around smoking the peace pipe while hallucinating and talking to the spirits. This was not the only way the plant was used in history.  The plant itself was found to be actually harsh & made sturdy ropes. The roots & seeds were used for many things as well. Even back before research labs & chemist, people understood the good points of the hemp plant. It was used for pain control, calmness, & smoked during religious ceremonies or war talks. Its mind altering ideas gave people the ability to rest with others & maybe see a new point of view.  Now, there is all this backlash about making the use of marijuana legal & how it will affect the general people walking around. If it makes people more peaceful, I say I am all for it. The bad points & anger that so many people seem to believe these nights & the problem to see another’s point of view may be made better if people are allowed to use pot on a more regular basis. We could take a page out of history & maybe learn a thing or two from the people who used this pot plant for so many positive things.

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Toilet won’t flush when I was sick and vomiting

A month ago I wanted to see a movie bad enough that I booked the tickets, made the plan and got my boyfriend’s parents involved. Everybody was all geared up to go the movies. The day we were supposed to leave I got super sick. My boyfriend and his parents had to leave me behind. I was vomiting and running to the bathroom every few minutes. Of course, this is when my toilet decided it was not going to flush anymore. Nothing is worse than a toilet repair when you are vomiting. I could not get anything to go down the toilet. The handle would have slack in it and would refuse to flush. I could hear the toilet draining and draining. I tried to do the toilet repair in between hurling. I took off the tank and then was shocked that all there was were two things. There was a chain and a little cap called the flapper. What was I supposed to do with that? I tried shortening the chain and tightening it. Nothing fixed the drainage issue. I finally just gave up and filled a pail with water. I learned that trick from my mom. You fill the toilet all the way to the top and the water automatically flushes. That saved me from so much embarrassment. I made sure to have everything down the toilet before my boyfriend and his parents came back. I even cleaned the toilet for them. Once they arrived I informed my boyfriend he had to deduce the toilet repair if anyone needed to use our bathroom.

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