worst job ever

Okay, when I made the choice to drop out of school, I knew that I would have to work like crazy all of my life. I would only be able to get minimum wage jobs and have to work long hours to make ends meet.  That being said, I still feel I have one of the worst jobs on the planet. I really don’t mind manual labor but the smell in the place is horrible. I got my job about five years ago and it wasn’t too bad. Working in a fish cannery is hard work and messy too, but the pay was better and at least they offered some benefits.  Last year, however, it took a turn for the worse when the HVAC system started acting up. The heat works great but the exhaust and ventilation don’t. These are important features when you work in a place with fish all the time. The smell is better in the summer because we can open the windows, but, when you are stuck inside with the heat running it is nauseating. The boss says that market prices are down so much that they can’t afford to fix the system properly and we just have to deal with it. There is no contamination that affects the fish so we all just have to deal with the smell. He says that if it bothers us too much we can simply find a new place to work. I can’t afford to do that either.  Sometimes I regret leaving school when I did, but I felt just as trapped there as I do now in the awful job.

HVAC dealership