Supermarket cooling

When I ran into an old friend of mine from high school at the supermarket, I had no idea what the day was going to have in store for me. Both of us were navy kids growing up, so we were always on the move. When we met in high school, we traded stories about where we’d been and what we’d seen, but neither of us knew where we would go after graduation. I decided to go into business management, while he decided to pursue a trade school to become a certified heating, ventilation and air conditioning service technician. Graduation was the last time we saw each other, and to be honest, I wish I did what he did! He was in his field within six months, and was able to pay off his financial debt as a student within two years! I just can’t believe how successful he is as heating and air conditioning specialist, either. We’ve only been out of high school for five years, and he’s already making over six figures between him and his wife, who also works in the heating and A/C industry. Meanwhile, I’ve only been out of college for a year, and I’m looking at decades of paying off my student loans! I asked him if it was easy to get into the program, and he said it certainly was – he had no doubt that I had the smarts to become a successful HVAC specialist, and he even said I could use my business management skills to work my way up in the parts industry. After all, these heating and air conditioning specialists can’t repair equipment without newer, better, more reliable components! I was definitely interested in becoming an HVAC technician just as he did. If he was able to live so comfortably just five years after high school, surely I could do the same in the HVAC industry!

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