Hurricanes and my air quality

I lived in an area of the state where a category four hurricane blew through our town! I had the foresight to evacuate, and take no chances with my own life. When I came back to my home, however, I quickly learned that not only was my home utterly destroyed – the homes of most of my neighbors weren’t standing. Thanks to the homeowner’s insurance, I was able to walk away from the property with enough money to find another house, in a city about four hours inland. This house wound up being a beautiful home for me to have a family in, as it was equipped with all kinds of bells and whistles that I never even knew about! The house had evaporative coolers installed, which were like a typical central air conditioning system but relied on the outside air to bring in cool, moist air that chilled the house. Additionally, the floors were covered in a faux wood vinyl coating, which housed radiant heating equipment that turned the floors themselves into a heating system! I thought that was ingenious, as it introduced heat to the house without compromising the humidity that allowed the home to feel comfortable during the winter. Best of all, the house was equipped with an air purification system, which worked beautifully to eradicate bacteria and other air pollutants as the air circulated through the house. In the end, part of me was a bit thankful for that hurricane. Aside from the headache I dealt with for years, it wound up being a blessing in disguise since I got a house out of it that was equipped with the latest and greatest in heating and air conditioning technology!

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