Heated flooring

When I was younger I loved staying at my friends house.  To be completely honest, I would have moved in with them if I could have.  I loved my family and that part would be hard, but, my friends house had every modern thing you could think of. My mom and dad used to get mad at me when I asked why we didn’t have the same stuff in our house.  Looking back, my parents did the best they could and I can understand why they got mad. There was one thing that they did look into when I told them about it. My friend’s family put in flooring and it was great!.  We could walk around their house, barefooted, even in the middle of winter. When I overheard them saying how much money they were saving with this new kind of heat I told my parents about it. It seems that the radiant flooring is much more efficient than the forced air that we had.  Because it works with a series of heated tubing that runs under the floors it eliminates the cold drafts too. The heat rises evenly throughout the space and doesn’t create the dust either. My parents saved for a couple of years to afford the installation but once it was put in they were very happy. It also eliminated the need for filter changes as the new system runs off of a boiler.  The savings were significant and my parents never regretted the expense of the original installation. I still liked hanging at my friends house more, but, at least something good had come from my wanting everything he had.

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