From broken pool to heated pool

My husband has this gift for finding the bright side of things; it’s one of the reasons I married him. While I tend to get overwhelmed and prepare for the worst possible outcome, he has a way of examining a situation and finding a solution that not only fixes the problem but improves things entirely. So when we found out the supposed “small problem” with the pool from the last owner was in fact a leaky drain line and a cracked hydrostatic, I nearly had a mental breakdown. This meant finding a pool repair company certified to use a jackhammer and who was able to handle a gunite pool, who would then need to dig up the pool and repour it. We were looking at thousands. My husband calmed me down and said that it was okay, he had some money set aside to have the pool worked on anyway. Apparently he had received a bonus from work which he was going to talk to me about using to heat the pool. Heating a pool is similar to heated floors, so you need to dig up around it to install the heating element along the walls of the pool. As we’re digging it up anyway, he thought it would be a great idea to do the heated pool at the same time. He gave me a huge hug and promised me it would work out in the end, and as per usual he was right. It took a few months to repair the pool and install the pool heating system, but this heated floor system was able to be hooked up to our central heater. Since our boiler does the work, it was more affordable than expected too!

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