Dryer vent is clogged upon moving into rental

I was immeasurably lucky when I found my current house on the rental market last year.  Prices are going up every year and the availability dwindles constantly too, in part from the growing number of retirees that are moving to my city and the surrounding area from up north where it’s colder in the winters.  Whatever the reason is, many of us are still faced with the struggles of finding suitable living accommodations at prices that we can reasonably afford. I found a two bedroom two bathroom house that had been built three years prior and was still in really good shape, at least from how things appeared upon first glance.  I feared plumbing problems but I haven’t faced any slow draining sinks or water backup problems since moving in. However, the dryer is taking considerably long periods of time to dry a minimally sized load. I read online that sometimes this is a result of clogged exhaust ventilation for the dryer, which is a single narrow metal duct that extends upward from the base of my floor into the wall and above, through the attic, and finally out a port on the roof.  I got a 10 foot hand snake for the vent, and although it pulled out heaping piles of clothes lint and dust, I just could get above the 10 foot mark and knew there had to be more clogged up closer to the roof. Thankfully, my contracted HVAC technician handles cleaning dryer vents as well as heating and cooling ducts. They used a special spiralling snake device that attaches to a power drill and spins to break away lint buildup in the vent, and then at the base of it all they had a shop vacuum turned on and ready to sweep up any stray particulate falling out of the vent as the drill worked its magic.  The change in efficiency on my dryer is night and day after having my local HVAC supplier clean out the air exhaust vent.

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