Dorms and the a/c

What is it about college dorm halls that always makes them horrendously cold? I’ve visited over a dozen different dorm halls in my time as a college student, and as an alumni visiting the campus. Most of my friends stayed in different dorms on campus, or at other colleges, so I got to experience quite a few different living scenarios. Despite the differences from dorm to dorm, there was one consistent trait: it was ice cold in every single hall! It’s like the air conditioners are set to max, or every single dorm room left the fridge door open. When I was a student at my alma mater, I had the same issue with the dorms on campus. I usually had to sleep wearing a sweater, which isn’t very comfortable! I complained to the school’s administration about the freezing temperatures in the dorm halls, but they gave me some generic answer about “keeping costs low”, and not running the heating systems unless it was absolutely necessary. Come on, what is my massive tuition payment going towards? I just don’t understand how it can be so expensive to increase the temperature of the dorm. It doesn’t have to be blazing hot, but they could stand to run the furnace for the building for an hour or two just to make it bearable! I was so happy the year I moved out of the dorms, and stayed in an apartment with a few friends for my last two years of school. We had total freedom to throw parties, kick back and relax – and best of all, we could run the heating system as much as we wanted! My friends didn’t get cold as easily as I did, but they got over the increased heat in the apartment pretty fast.

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