Deciding the heated flooring in the home

When you decide to get radiant heated floors in your home, you have to make a serious choice in the beginning before you even call your local heating and cooling specialist to set up an appointment for the installation. You have to decide if radiant heated floors are right for you and your lifestyle. The fact that you have carpeting will have to go if you decide on getting radiant heated floors in your home. Radiant heated floors will not work or even be possible if you insist on getting or keeping the carpeting in your home. Now, if you are ok and fine with tile floors, then radiant heated floors is for you. You could also choose to just have the radiant heated floors installed in your bathroom, if the issue and situation calls for just heating the bathroom floors when you are freezing in the winter time months getting out of the shower. Me personally, I am a carpet guy all the way. I really can not stand homes with tile floors throughout. It makes me feel like I am living in a bathroom! However, I did myself go and get radiant heated floors installed in my bathroom, and they are really wonderful! I would have loved to have had them throughout my entire home. But, there was no way I was going to trade in or completely and utterly get rid of my carpets just to have heated floors throughout my house! I would rather just crank the thermostat on my heating and cooling system if I get really cold and pay the extra in my monthly or yearly energy bills. That’s how I feel on the subject of radiant heated floors.