County court upgrades HVAC system after series of complaints

Yesterday’s news headlines were primed for the scrap book, with one reading “County Court under heat as judges faints in deposition hearing.”  Without more context you might just assume that the judge in question has a medical condition, but that’s not the case. This particular court building has had complaints levied against it for years over the poor state of its HVAC system.  Too many times have poor soul’s been sent to the bench with beads of sweat dripping from their faces, making them look as guilty as can be despite the fact that literally every other person in that courtroom at the same time are all dripping in sweat too.  Granted, it’s hard to say a plaintiff is getting an unfair disadvantage when the entire jury looks and feels as hot and and uncomfortable as they do. For this reason, the cheap county commissioners put little thought into investing in a new heating and cooling system for the court house, particularly because of the sheer size of the building and its age.  But after a judge fainted yesterday and made headlines across the state, the county commissioners are working hard to clean up the PR mess from the debacle and put out a statement of intent as soon as possible regarding the fix of that court house’s HVAC system. It took a matter of hours for the paperwork to hit the public after the state attorney general made a quick phone call to quell the mess.  Now that our county is under hot water from the state, I’m hoping they’ll get equal scrutiny over their budgetary allocations over our local roads. Where is our tax money going if not to fix our failing infrastructure?

HVAC update