Country Club AC

By looking at me, you would not think I am a country club kind of guy. I look like any other working class stiff, and that is because I am a working class stiff. I don’t look like I can afford to be a member here, and that is because I can’t afford to be a member here! People like me don’t get access to luxurious amenities like this very often, and I do my best to act composed while enjoying the heck out of every second. How did this come about, how am I allowed to spend so much time here? Well, it is all thanks to my skill with HVAC systems, and of course knowing the right people. No matter how good I was with heating and cooling repair, if I didn’t know how to shmooze with the right folks I would not be allowed in the front gates! Having spent twenty years in the HVAC industry I have dealt with thousands of clients, so I have learned how to talk to people. Knowing how to interact with people and get them to like you is almost as important as the HVAC repair skills, to be honest. Without people skills, you might never get the chance to show off any HVAC skills you have. When the country club was looking for a part time HVAC tech to be on call for emergencies, I readily pitched myself for the job. I told them if they made me a member of the club, I would provide HVAC repair services for free.

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