Computer job from home

Lately, I’ve had a really hard time trying to focus on my work, both at my day job and at my part time night job. Both lines of work are very physically light work, as I can handle all of my work while sitting at a desk. Mentally, however, the fatigue that sets in from staring at computer screens all day can really wear you down. My wife has asked me if I’m getting burned out from my two jobs, but I always thought it was ridiculous to say you were “burned out” from jobs that didn’t require physical labor! Well, my tune has changed after three years of trying to maintain this work cycle. Fortunately, my night job can be somewhat entertaining, as I transcribe documentaries, how-to videos and more into written documents. All I do is watch a film, and write out the dialogue! Easy enough, right? Well, it’s only easy when the material is easy enough for me to stay interested, like when there are how-to videos on heating, ventilation and air conditioning service and repair. One of these films focused on installing radiant floor heating, which is a high-efficiency heating system built into the floor that can run on electricity or hot water. There’s also these small yet powerful heating and cooling devices, called ductless mini-split systems, which can provide heating and air conditioning functions to a small to mid-size house. You can even use multiple ductless mini-split systems, as well as several thermostats around the house, and create “zone control” layouts. Parts of the house can stay cool, while others will remain warm. How neat is that? See, there we go! Now that I’m talking about something interesting, the mental fatigue has been held off for now. I guess I should talk to my boss and request more heating, ventilation and air conditioning videos to transcribe!

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