Burned Pancakes

This morning, I literally almost burned my house down. I was making pancakes for all the kids that were at our house last night for a sleepover, and of course they were all still asleep. They always sleep late after staying up way too late the night before. So I was in the kitchen making pancakes for whenever they finally got up. Well, of course, my phone rang when I was right in the middle of one of the batches of pancakes and I thought I could go and answer it and then come right back to flip the pancakes. Wrong! I forgot all about that batch and started doing something in the other room! And then all of a sudden, the air was filled with smoke and the smoke detectors started going off in the kitchen. The indoor air quality in my house turned terrible all of sudden and I had to open up all the doors and windows, along with the heating from the furnace! Now I’m just sitting here waiting for the place to air out and it’s freezing in here. The temperature outside is really cold today, but I can’t help but leave the windows and doors open because the smell in here is unbearable. Burnt pancakes do not help with your indoor air quality! I think I might need to go and purchase a whole home air purification system, because it smells that bad in here. That’s what I get for trying to do two things at once! I am not very good at multi-tasking!

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