A car is a car!

I have had this clunker for a vehicle for quite some time now. Recently my brother was saying that his son could use a car for school, and I asked him if he would want to take my clunker vehicle. He asked me if the climate control system even worked in the car. I said for the warm season, you had to roll the windows down, and the heating system worked just fine. I said that the A/C in the car could probably be fixed easily. I have heard that you can get a refrigerant refilling kit and you can recharge the A/C compressor. He said that sounded like a good idea. When he asked me how much I wanted for the car, I told him to just take it. I was about to buy another car and that old car wasn’t worth anymore than the price to junk it. I figured it would be suitable for a first car for my nephew though. He took the car gratefully and did as I said. He had the refrigerant charged and the A/C he said was working surprisingly well after that. I kind of wish I did that before so I didn’t have to be so overheated in the warm season, but oh well. It’s just something that I never got around to doing, but at least the heating system worked like a champ when I was driving that old clunker. I was happy that I could help out my nephew by giving him my old clunker. He probably wouldn’t care about the state of the car since a car is a car at that age!

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