Work load and heating and air

Every fall,  like clockwork, I go through the house and clean it from top to bottom.  I do a very tedious and thorough work, steam cleaning the carpets, washing walls and ceilings, and even carefully scrubbing light fixtures.  I launder curtains and bedding, disinfect the windows, and even go through to organize all of the closets. This past year, I dragged out the ladder and then promptly started washing the family room ceiling.  Even that early in the fall, the outside daily temperature was already down in the low forties with a bitter wind chill. I had started up the gas furnace up only the week before. As soon as I climbed up on the ladder, I noticed the rise in the indoor temperature.  The heated air from the gas furnace was definitely rising up and getting quickly trapped near the ceiling. The lower temperature at floor level was causing myself and a few others to set the temperature control higher than necessary This was resulting in greater continual wear and tear on the heating equipment and needlessly high weekly bills.  I did some of my own research into the problem, and discovered the many benefits of ceiling fans. There is currently a wide variety of styles, sizes and prices of ceiling fans on the market, and most models can be genuinely installed in time by the homeowner. As the fan circulates, the blades push the volume heated air back toward the floor, improving comfort and allow for lower temperature control settings throughout the season.  In the summer time weeks, the rotation of the fan blades can be purposely reversed to encourage heat up and out. I’ve now installed a small ceiling fan in nearly every room of the house, and I’ve noticed a savings on our weekly bills and a very significant improvement in year round comfort.

HVAC service