We’re a bit grumpy

When I got up the other day, I was trying to get ready for work. I had the coffee brewing and then noticed that my house was absolutely sizzling. I checked the thermostat and came to find that it was way too overheated inside. It was about 85 degrees! I was terribly disappointed and called up the HVAC company. They said they could make it there later in the day. That actually worked out fine for me because I would be able to go to work and make it back before the HVAC technician arrived to my house. When I finally made it home from work, I seen that the HVAC van already pulled up in my driveway. I actually got a call on my cell phone and it was the HVAC technician. I came to meet the guy and told him he was early. He said he just finished up early at his last appointment and figured he would come straight over, but he didn’t realize that I wouldn’t be home yet. So I let the man in to take care of my cooling system. He got to work and took care of everything. He even cleaned the inner workings of the equipment out really well. He also installed a fresh HEPA air filter which I thanked him for. After everything was working, I was pleasantly pleased. I was really grumpy earlier in the day when it was sizzling in my house, but now my house cooled down in no time. I especially loved that HEPA air filter and thought I should get those types of filters from now on.