Waiting for the next day

When my sister bought her first house, it was an old barn house that was built into the side of the mountain.  It was situated on 10 acres of land, 4 that were clear and the rest were covered with woods. So, you can imagine the shape of the home when they purchased it.  It was supposed to be a “work in progress” home. It was winter when we moved in and snow covered the ground. My brother-in-law went to turn on the furnace to get the heat going in the house and, of course, it wouldn’t work.  He tried and tinkered for hours but couldn’t get the furnace to work. We then understood that a heater repairman would have to be called out to find a solution to the problem. When the heater repair man came out, (the next day), it took only 30 minutes for him to decide the furnace would need to be replaced.  Of course, all my sister saw was dollar signs in front of her. But, it needed to be done. We were in the middle of winter and a big storm was on its way. The next day the HVAC technician came out to do the heater repair. It took him most of the day. But because it was an older house, some items on the furnace needed to be modified or changed to fit the space.  Once the heater installation was over, he turned it on and we felt the warm air coming through and it felt great. it felt good to be able to shed the layers and finally be comfortable in our new house and new furnace.

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