The work trip and a/c

   Recently, I came back  from a task expedition down to one of the islands most affected by last year’s hurricanes! It was intended to be a six week trip, to help get local power grids up plus running again, but we ended up staying down there for almost six months The amount of work that needed to be done was staggering.. The power grids plus infrastructure down there was decades out of date to begin with, plus the hurricane just destroyed it.

              We didn’t have to just repair the grids, we needed to build them from scratch. With no power, there was no cooling system to be had, even at the hotel which had power. There was energy rationing in effect, so lights plus TVs were okay but temperature control systems were not to be used! All the HVAC systems would use too much juice from the grid plus make it crash again. It was a sacrifice that had to be made! If there no cooling to be had, I could not have survived for the full six months.

             Happily, a co-worker came up with a solution. He planted a geothermal heat pump near our worksite, so all of us could run all our equipment without the local power grid. This also was strong enough to power a half dozen portable A/C units out supplier had shipped to us. After that, most of us slept in tents on the worksite, since they were air conditioned which made them much more comfortable than any of the hotel rooms.

central a/c