The show’s heating and air

Last year for our daughter’s birthday our silly partner plus I wanted to do something for his that was a little strange than the common kids’ birthday type of celebration that most of his friends were having. It’s not that all of us were trying to go off and outdo the other parents, all of us weren’t, it was just that all of us had grown incredibly  bored with the same old parties at the same old sites. We ended up finding our own little arena toward the middle of town that did parties with a cool puppet show theme… Not only did they start off with a puppet show, however they had an intense interactive puppet show where the kids got to dress up as puppets plus perform for everyone. With all the costumes plus lights, they had the temperature in the auditorium easily turned down as low as they could get it plus still be comfortable. Most everything located in the room was black or dark, with the exception of the huge stage, although I could make out the ducting on the ceiling. I noticed it right away when I was looking upward, trying to figure out which vent was blowing so much chilly air on me. Our child was born in September, which is one of the hottest months around here where all of us live, so naturally I didn’t bring a freaking jacket to wear. I was blissful when I found a warmer costume to crawl into, even though I’m a grown man, so at least I could warm up a little. The kids never seemed to notice the chilly air as they were running around, plus I could tell by the look on our daughter’s face that she certainly didn’t care if it was chilly or not, she was having a blast.

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