The HVAC ducts and leaks

I live in an space with very severe year round heavy weather conditions.  During the summer time weeks, the temperature around here frequently climbs into the nineties and the humidity is unbearable.  Our nasty Wintertide season tends to last nearly multiple straight weeks, with hot and cold temperatures back and forth and horrible wind chill.  The fall and Spring are normally chilly and wet, and the lot of us rarely get a chop from running either the gas furnace or air conditioner at all.  While the heating and cooling plan chop the responsibility, the duct task is therefore utilized nearly all year round. The duct plan carries the stale air easily from out of the many rooms and supplies the fresh heated/cooled air and then right back into the rooms.  Even minor holes or flaws in the ducts allows a very good deal of conditioned air to escape. These leaks also pull in some amount of outside air, which may include dust, dander, exhaust fumes, and harmful chemicals. The integrity of the duct plan significantly impacts personal comfort, air quality, energy efficiency, budget and wear and tear on the home’s gas furnace and air conditioner.  If the heated/cooled air is still escaping through holes in these pipes, the gas furnace and air conditioner are suddenly forced to run for much longer cycles and task harder to maintain any sort of desired temperature. The equipment uses more energy and is more likely to soon breakdown or fail prematurely. I make sure to have the HVAC duct professionally cleaned and checked on a typical basis.  Each year I hire a reputable Heating & A/C dealer who specializes in proper duct sealing to handle the work.