The air condition issues

My wife & I are business partners together. We work for a sizable pharmaceutical company. She transcribes the medical orders, so they are neat & tidy for the pharmacist to read. I am in graphic design, & generally spend most of the day drawing or painting. I have been working on a critical project lately. A local heating & cooling company hired me to revamp their entire website. When the heating & cooling company started up a few years ago, they used front page to build their own website. It really looks unprofessional, & I knew I could be of assistance. The heating & cooling company didn’t have a large budget for advertising. Every one of us worked out an affordable plan, so both of us win. I am going to build the logo, website, & advertising materials for the heating & cooling company. In return for the marketing items & weekly service, the heating & cooling company is going to provide a brand new ductless Heating & A/C unit in our garage. My wife & I have been considering adding a ductless Heating & A/C unit for a long time. The garage is consistently sticky & humid in May and June. Unfortunately, a lot of people spend time in the garage. Since both of us keep our cars in our driveway, the garage has become an area to congregate. The heating & cooling company agreed to install the ductless Heating & A/C unit when the website and logo project is 50% completed. Every one of us are close to that happening, & I have already completed the logo & most of the website. I wish more companies would barter for what they want. I miss those afternoons in the past.

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