Space heater saved Christmas

My daughter asked me what my favorite Christmas was, since I got married.  I was hard pressed to pick just one. She told me I had to pick one. I told her it was the Christmas when her father had been hurt, I had been laid off, and we almost didn’t have a Christmas.  She thought I was crazy. I could only afford to buy one gift for each child and each gift had a really low budget. We were down to our last dollar, and we couldn’t afford to put oil in the furnace.  We were now using our gas stove to keep us warm. I had gone to town to get a few groceries and I picked up small gifts for each one of my children. My baby got a small cow that mooed. My oldest son got a saw that worked.  My oldest daughter got the doll she had wanted. My youngest daughter got a small pony. It was meager, but I wrapped them in colorful paper. We were bundled up in blankets, since the heat in the kitchen didn’t reach past the dining room.  There wasn’t any heat in the upstairs, so we were having campouts in the living room. My mom and dad had bought us a space heater to supplement our heat, because I refused to take money from them. I actually put up a small pop-up tent in the living room.  We laughed a lot and ate popcorn for breakfast. Everyone was smiling and we sang Christmas songs. It truly was a wonderful family Christmas morning.

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