Restaurant Indoor Air Quality

As I’m trying to enjoy my home-made pasta and salad, I can’t help but feel a bit warm in my dads’ restaurant.  I’ll admit, over here in the corner where we employees eat can be a bit stuffy. However, I don’t remember not feeling the air conditioning over here before.  When I did not feel the A/C here in the corner yesterday, I thought it might be my imagination. However, maybe there’s more to this lack of indoor air quality.  I can’t seem to stop smelling anchovies, so I’m wondering about the ventilation. Even though I’m Italian, I’ve never liked the taste or smell of anchovies, and now I can’t seem to get away from the odor.

            I think that we might have an air conditioning and ventilation issue.  We have an HVAC company that comes by regularly to keep the restaurant well air conditioned and ventilated. I’m sure the heating and cooling professionals can get our indoor air quality back to where it should be.  Afterall, we don’t want our customers uncomfortable in our restaurant with or without a working air conditioning system.

             Almost worse than being too warm while eating, would be smelling the odors given off by foods that another customer has ordered because the ventilation is bad.  We would not want to hear about a bad indoor air quality on social media. So I’ll inform my dad of the lack of air conditioning and the poor indoor air quality in the restaurant.  That way he can have the HVAC provider come by as soon as they can.