Perils of living on a mountain

We live on the top of a mountain.  This is a beautiful area to live because, when the fall arrive, we are right in the midst of colorful trees.  We can look down into a valley and see the rolling hills and the farms below look like children’s houses. It is an amazing area in which to spend my retirement.  Along with all of the beauty and solitude, there comes a steady breeze. Even on the hottest and most humid of days, all you need to do is find some shade and you are comfortable.  Unfortunately, being on top of the mountain also means that we are prone to having power failures. There are trees falling because of downdrafts that can be as devastating as a tornado.  Trees also fall for natural reason, since seventy percent of the mountain is pine trees. Every time a tree falls, we know, because it normally takes down a power line. This is rough when you wake up in the middle of the night, freezing, because the furnace quit running.  We need to have a generator that will work every time. When our HVAC company shows up to do our maintenance on the furnace, we also have him check out our generator. We want to make sure that our generator is in good working order before winter arrives. Last time the power went off, it took three days just to find where the lines were down.  That’s a lot of time without a furnace. A body could freeze, waiting that long to have the heating restored.

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