Just enjoy it!

My wife makes a living by selling her paintings. We have a little art studio set up in the basement for her where she makes her masterpieces. The thing is we have to be very careful because art is delicate. The paintings have to be in the right conditions that aren’t overly humid or too dry. So we have a nice humidifier/dehumidifier combo unit that does a great job at keeping the humidity levels just right. We also have HVAC zone control which keeps the area at the right climate control settings. I love my wife very much so I want to have things perfect for her in her little basement art studio. Sometimes she enjoys painting on the deck when watching the sunset. I have mentioned to her that it would be great to get a nice place on the beach and perhaps that would inspire her creativity a little more. She agreed that would be nice. So I have been secretly looking for nice places on the beach that she would love just as much as I do. I finally found the perfect place. I made sure to add the essential upgrades so she would have her art studio in the basement with the perfect climate control equipment for her work. When I showed her the place, she was absolutely dazzled. She gave me a big hug and a kiss and then asked me how much it cost us for this wonderful new household on the beach. I didn’t even answer her question and just told her to enjoy it!

cooling technician

Now that’s a furnace

For the longest time, my thermostat has been getting on my nerves. I mean it is a programmable thermostat, so I suppose it could be worse. But the thermostat is so old that the buttons actually stick and are hard to push. Most of the time when I try to modify the temperature settings, I have to use the end of a pencil to push the button hard enough to register the changes. I probably should have upgraded to a better thermostat a long time ago with this issue, but I just felt like it wasn’t totally necessary since my preferred settings were already programmed. Of course there are those times when I feel a little too hot or a little too chilly and I just want to modify the temperature just a touch. It’s gotten so bad now that I really have a hard time even changing the setting. I realized it was the last straw recently when it was too hot in the house and I couldn’t get the temperature to lower at all! So I called up the HVAC company to see my options with new thermostats. While I really only wanted a nice programmable thermostat, the HVAC technician highly recommended this nice smart thermostat. He said that the thermostat even had voice control so that I could tell the thermostat what temperature I wanted without having to push any buttons. Not to mention the smart thermostat would automatically program my settings based on my temperature control preferences which I thought was quite neat. I could have the system automatically go on minimal settings when I left the house and I could turn on the system remotely when I was on my way back home. This modern thermostat was awesome!


The system is starting to malfunction

Last winter when we faced an HVAC system malfunction, we were in for some trouble. We actually had to find our space heaters to keep us somewhat warm while we waited to get our HVAC system fixed. We actually remained in our bedroom because we had to wait until the following day to get an HVAC technician over to our home. When the HVAC tech did arrive, he commented on how frosty it was in the house. He said he would take care of everything in a jiffy though, so we were grateful to hear that. He said it wasn’t anything overly serious, he just had to change some necessary parts and he was able to get the heating system back to life in no time. I just wish he could have made it out sooner. It wasn’t fun having to rely on the space heaters to keep us from freezing, but I was glad we had them! I was also glad we didn’t have to pay for an outrageous emergency repair. I understand that repairs like that can be up to 3 times the amount of regular system repairs. I suppose as long as we have those space heaters, we won’t have to worry about getting an emergency repair. Of course, I don’t like the risk of having the pipes freeze in the house. If that were to happen, then it would be an outrageous expense for us! Well, I guess we dodged a bullet and from now on, I’m definitely going to have my HVAC system checked out before the winter season arrives!

That was perfect

I was actually shocked when I was contacted about my late Uncle’s will. The thing I was shocked about was that I inherited his old farmhouse. He had a little bit of land to plant things on and the house was in fair shape considering how old it was. I figured since I was a homeowner now, I should definitely live in the place. I realized there were a few things that needed to be fixed up but I would have to work on my priorities. I’m sure that some people would have sold the property so they would have some money, but there was something about the property that I really loved. For one, it was out in the country so it was away from all the hustle and bustle. I was actually already working from my apartment, so I felt this was a nicer place to do my work in. I decided to call up an HVAC company to see about a good HVAC system. The place had a wood burning stove that worked as a heating system and was hooked up to this ancient ductwork system. When the HVAC technician came out to inspect everything, he said that the old ductwork system was riddled with holes and had a lot of poor connections. That made me concerned, but then he recommended I go with a ductless HVAC system. He said that a ductless mini-split system would be perfect for the household. I wouldn’t have to worry about upgrading the ductwork which would have been very expensive. Also the ductless mini-split system easily allowed for HVAC zone control meaning I could heat and cool the areas of the household I was actually using. I thought that was perfect so I went ahead with the installation. Now I am able to enjoy this nice property out in the country and things are going great!

HVAC technology 

What an expensive repair

In life, it’s really not fun learning things the difficult way. I learned the difficult way recently when I failed to get my HVAC system tuned up. It was the midst of the summer months and I was running my air conditioning as usual. I remember I started to smell something funny. I swore that I could actually smell smoke and that’s when my smoke alarm started to sound. When I went to the source of the smoke, it was my HVAC system that was smoking. I turned everything off right away and made sure there wasn’t a fire. I called the HVAC company right away and they sent out an HVAC technician. The HVAC technician had some pretty bad news for me. He said that my system overheated. He went further on to say that it would have been alright if I had not failed to get my HVAC system tune-up, but unfortunately I didn’t have that done. He was saying how it really was a minor problem that turned into something a little more extreme. When you overlook these small things that a simple replacement part could fix or a cleaning of the system, these small things turn into very expensive fixes. He was able to fix the air conditioning, but for a rather hefty expense! I knew that I had to have my air conditioning working because it was really hot outside. The only other option would be to upgrade the system altogether and I definitely couldn’t afford that. So I ate the cost of the expensive repair and had my cooling system working alright again. I knew in the future that I had to remember to get my HVAC tune-ups every year if I didn’t want to experience such a costly fix again.

HVAC company 

Living an absolute dream

My wife and I were talking about this for some time, that we really want a quality HVAC. We have had our HVAC system for roughly 15 years. It was definitely on its way out and the new HVAC we chose would have to meet some requirements. First of all, we had to have a very energy efficient system so that we could save a good amount of money on the energy bills. The system had to work exceptionally well in heating and cooling the household. Also, we were hoping that it wouldn’t be overly costly for the installation, but that wasn’t exactly a requirement for us. So when we called up our local HVAC business, they had an HVAC technician sent out to our home. When we spoke with the HVAC technician, he was showing us all the options we could go with. While the geothermal HVAC seemed really cool, the initial cost was very pricey. Of course the system was so energy efficient, I was certain that cost would be recovered in a few years or so. I didn’t want to pay that much though at this time. My wife was very interested in the radiant heated floors. Those are definitely energy efficient, much more so than our HVAC that we have been relying on all these years. There were a few other options, but I wanted my wife to be happy so I said we could proceed with the radiant heated floor installation along with an efficient cooling system. While the initial cost was somewhat pricey, it wasn’t nearly as expensive as a geothermal system, and the HVAC technician said that we would easily recover the installation costs in energy savings. The new heating system was an absolute dream. I’m glad we went that route.

new heating unit 

Now we need to do a checkup

Back when I finally got around to my HVAC system maintenance, the HVAC technician was telling me some things I needed to know. He was saying that it was clear that I wasn’t getting my regular HVAC system maintenance, and he said it was important to get the maintenance done at least once per year. He wasn’t trying to bust my chops or anything, he was merely letting me know so that I could make responsible choices for my HVAC machine. He was saying that the regular service with checkups and tune-ups would ensure optimum efficiency which would save me money with energy savings. I honestly liked the sound of that. He went further on to say that if I enrolled into their HVAC system maintenance plan, then I would have peace of mind because all of these things would be covered for a flat yearly rate. When I seen all of the HVAC system maintenance that would be covered and for that reasonable yearly fee, I decided to sign up for the maintenance plan. While before, I would never keep up with the HVAC system maintenance as I am supposed to, now I don’t have that problem any longer. I also must say that the HVAC technician was definitely right about the energy savings. By keeping up with everything, my HVAC system runs very efficiently and I have noticed that my energy bills have gone down quite a bit with my regular checkups and tune-ups! For anybody that really loves to save money, I would highly recommend enrolling in a good HVAC system maintenance plan through your local HVAC business!

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This is the best I’ve ever seen

I work as a school nurse for the local elementary school. The school is so cheap and refuses to listen to anything I have to say. A ton of the kids have been getting sick lately. The school says it is because the cold weather has come around. I disagree with this completely. It is not the cold weather. It is the poor air quality in the school that is affecting the kid’s health. The school is the cause of why there are so many absences. The school has an ancient heating and cooling system. The HVAC system hooks to ductwork that extends to every classroom. The ductwork is extremely dirty. You can see the dirt that is caked right onto the air vents. The dirt is then blown right into the air quality in the school. Kids are developing and their immune systems are weak. The dirty air quality is too much for them. They get sick and are absent from school time and time again. If the school paid for ductwork cleaning, all would be fixed. I read online that every 5 years the air ducts should be cleaned with a HVAC system. I have worked at the school over 20 years and I have never seen a HVAC contractor clean the air ducts. I have complained to the principal many times this year. He does not believe that this is the reason for their illness. I think he just does not want to call a HVAC company. He also does not want to take the blame for all the sick kids.

air quality system 

The dangers of a gas furnace

A gas furnace is not a safe heating device to have in the home. You can easily burn yourself on this heating system. The front plate, air vent, and all around the heater gets super warm. A person can easily burn their hands or body simply standing by this heating system. All other heaters are able to be touched. If you want to clean the furnace or get service done on it, the heater has to be off for hours. It really is a pain. Another downside of a gas furnace is that it is a fire hazard. The air filter is meant to catch dust from going in the system. It can only do so much though and after a month, there needs to be a new one put in place. If the air conditioning filter stays dirty, the dirt goes in the system and warms the machine up. The gas furnace then can overheat and catch on fire. Another thing it can do is overheat and have a cracked heat exchanger. The heat exchanger then will release carbon monoxide into the air quality. This is a poisonous gas that has no smell, look or taste to it. It will slowly poison and sicken a home without anyone realizing it. Why would anyone want this horrible heating system? It literally is nothing but trouble for anyone that owns it. Burns, fires and possible death can happen from neglecting the furnace. Being on it with heater repairs and cleaning is not exactly cheap either. You are constantly working at it.

electric heater 

This air quality is a way of life

I had no idea how badly air quality could harm your life until it happened to me. Up until then, I thought air purifiers were for people like my roommate. She suffers from allergies to everything, from ragweed to my cat. So, she bought herself an air purifier which works to remove pet hair and dander, as well as mold and mildew. It’s been working great for her, to the point where she doesn’t reach for her allergy meds as much. Plus, she is able to get a much better sleep every afternoon before her night job. I have no allergies, so I didn’t think this was a thing I ever needed. However, when I started complaining to my boyfriend about have itchy and watery eyes, as well as a cough and a runny nose, he said to get an air purifier. He went on to explain how badly something like poor indoor air quality could affect your health. I’ve never given air quality a second thought. I care for three large plants that are supposed to help improve air quality–shouldn’t that be enough. Well, as it turns out it wasn’t. But I listened and ended up taking his advice after all. Well, I am proud to report that after a month with my air purification system, I have made a complete turn around. With the new air purifier, my cough was gone in a week. After two weeks, my sore throat had vanished and my runny nose was gone. By week three, my eyes were no longer watery and I was back to myself again.