My word is bond

When we called the HVAC company to provide a tune-up to our equipment, I actually learned a few things from the HVAC technician. He could easily tell that our HVAC equipment hadn’t been serviced for quite some time. I explained that I just kept up with the air filter replacements and thought the equipment didn’t need a whole lot more than that. He was saying that regular HVAC service was extremely important. He talked about the tune-ups and the parts that had to be changed every so often. He was saying that it was excellent that I was keeping up with the regular air filter changes, but there was so much more than just that to keep the system running efficiently. He also let me know that by having regular HVAC system maintenance, it would easily keep the energy bills much lower. That definitely sounded good to me so I was definitely listening to everything the man had to tell me. I appreciated all the energy saving tips I could get to be honest. So after this HVAC system tune-up, I knew that I would be contacting the HVAC company a lot more in the future. I believed the guy because it made sense that if I kept the HVAC running at optimal efficiency, I was sure to see a great deal of energy savings. He let me know to get my ductwork cleaned out soon as well which I agreed to do. My word is my bond so I scheduled an official cleaning of the ductwork the following week.

efficient HVAC