Losing heat in the car

My friends and I live in a very cold climate. It’s all we have known, because we were born in the area. We usually have snow on the ground until late in April. Sometimes the snow starts falling as early as September. You can imagine how cold it gets in the middle of December and January. We enjoy many outdoor activities like skiing and ice skating. Most places are an hour away, in the nearest major city. It’s no joke to lose the heat in your car. My friends and I live 40 miles away from the closest town. We drive 75 minutes to work each morning, and most of those days are in Sub-Zero temperatures. One important maintenance task that cannot be ignored, is maintaining the heating system in your vehicle. The heating system takes a beating every year, for a few months at a time. There are many days when I have to turn on the car and heater an hour before leaving for work. Sometimes there is ice an inch thick on the car. My friends and I live in the same apartment, so we save money by carpooling. When my car needs important service like an oil change or a heating system tune-up, my friends chip in for the service. We all save money by riding together, so I’m glad they help out with maintenance as well. We would be in a large disaster, if my friends and I were stuck on the side of the road without any heat. In this area, we could sit for hours, before another person might drive by.

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