I should have stayed in bed

The other day when I woke up to my alarm, I honestly just wanted to sleep longer. Of course I had to get ready for work so I hopped out of bed. I went to take my shower and then ate a quick breakfast with a nice cup of hot coffee. I made my way to work and when I got there I was terribly disappointed. Honestly, I should have stayed in bed. I came to find that the place was incredibly overheated. I learned quickly that the furnace was on the fritz. I don’t know what was going on but they couldn’t get the furnace to quit cranking out the heat. They had an HVAC technician on the way, but who knew for certain when he would actually show up and how fast he could fix the furnace complication. The reading on the thermostat was a whopping 85 degrees, which was terrible! There was no way I could work in those conditions so I told my boss that I had to be on my way. In this particular situation, he was upset but at the same time he could understand anybody not wanting to work in such terrible heat. Even with the windows opened, there was no cooling down that office. Not to mention it was too hot outside anyway so opening the windows didn’t help very much, but it was better than keeping them shut with all that intense heat pumping out from the HVAC vents. I was happy when I got right back in my car, cranked up the cooling system and made my way back home.

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