Great a/c settings at home


             When I was little, I would have sworn on a stack of Bibles that our house was haunted… I was so utterly sure of it that I moved out as soon as I turned 18, because I could not bear to stay there one day longer than I had to. Many years have rolled by since, and I have come to accept  it was just my overactive imagination at play.It was an extremely old house, predating the Civil War by a couple of decades, so it’s no wonder the place was creepy.

                    As fate would have it, my task as an Heating & Air Conditioning worker recently took me back to the house of my childhood. All through my early years, the house had never had any sort of cooling system. It had ample heat, from a big old gas furnace located down in the basement, however there was no A/C to be found in the whole pla. The new owners of the place wanted major renovations done, including the installation of all new ductwork, and an energy efficient A/C system.        

                    This was a humongous task, for the place is so huge it would require several A/C units in various spots. I worked in that spooky old place for over a week, 10 hours per day, putting in ductwork and laying pipes, and it was just as scary as ever. All the while I was working on the a/c, I didn’t see any ghosts, nor did I hear anything I couldn’t explain! Maybe this Heating & Air Conditioning task was able to bring me a little peace.