Falling through the ductwork

My family and I have a enormous amount of holiday decorations. We decorate for all of the major holidays including St Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas. We have the most Halloween decorations, because that is our favorite of all holidays. As soon as Halloween is over, we place the Halloween decorations in the Attic. We remove the Christmas decorations first, in order to make room for Halloween items. The attic is constantly stuffed with holiday decorations and old Christmas trees. When we were putting away all of the Halloween skeletons, my son fell through the ceiling. When he fell through the ceiling, he busted some duct work. Luckily, Jake was not injured seriously. His hip is bruised pretty bad, and he might have broke a finger. I think most of the ductwork broke his fell. I had to call the HVAC service center and request an appointment. I told the technician about our ductwork, and the giant gaping hole in our garage. The HVAC technician came by a few days later, and fixed the ductwork. We had to hire an additional contractor, to fix the sheetrock and drywall problems. The whole Fiasco was quite a mess, and we spent a huge Penny to fix the ductwork and ceiling. I’m really glad that my son was not seriously injured in the fall, but I wish it wasn’t so expensive to fix the ductwork. I used all of my holiday shopping money to make the necessary repairs. Now I will have to charge everything for Christmas and make payments over the next year.

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