Concert A/C

I’m pretty excited about this concert we are going to tonight. It’s going to be a cover band for all of those boy band groups that were popular back in the 90’s. The band has really good reviews, and who doesn’t like dancing to all those fun popular songs from the 90’s? I have a big group of girlfriends who are planning to go with me, so it should be a whole lot of fun. The only thing I’m a little bit concerned about is the venue where the concert is being held. The last time I went to a concert at this particular venue, they were having a lot of trouble with their heating and air conditioning system. I know that probably doesn’t sound like a very big deal to most people, but to me, it’s a huge deal! See, I have anxiety when I get in large crowds, and when I get overheated it makes me feel even worse. If the air conditioning isn’t working correctly, or heaven forbid, if the heating turns on and won’t turn off, my anxiety levels go through the roof! And that’s exactly what happened the last time that I went to a concert at this venue last winter. The furnace in the place turned on and it just wouldn’t turn off. The temperature in the building with all of the body heat plus the air coming through the heating ducts had to be at least 85 degrees. I freaked out a little bit and I had to leave and go stand outside in the cold before I had a full on panic attack!