Cleaned and sealed

Not so long ago when we decided to get our ductwork cleaned, we then discovered that our ductwork also needed to be sealed. There weren’t any rips or holes or anything horrible like that, but there were small leaks since the ductwork needed to be sealed. So we decided to have that taken care of at the sametime the ductwork was cleaned. The whole expense was a little bit costly, but in the end it was something that just needed to be done. Now that our ductwork is totally clean and sealed on top of that, it doesn’t lose any treated air. Because of this, our energy bills have gone done tremendously and I’m really thankful that we thought to do these things. If we didn’t have this service performed, we would still be paying an arm and a leg everytime we paid our energy bill. I knew there was something up with the rising costs of the energy bills, but for a long while, I just couldn’t figure it out. It was actually my wife who told me we should consider cleaning the ductwork because she noticed there was more dust in the air. So not only are we saving a good amount with the energy bills, but we also are experiencing phenomenal air quality! I honestly can’t remember the last time the air quality was so nice. It’s great to be able to breathe good in your home and feel so comfortable! If I ever hear anyone talking about rising energy bills or poor air quality, I will have to ask them if they had their ductwork cleaned and sealed!

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