Changes in HVAC over the years

I still remember my  mother sitting in her room, when it was seventy degrees out, with her heater running.  She would be shivering and her hands would be blue, she was so cold. I use to think it was silly and all I could think about was how high my energy bill was going to be with all of that wasted heating.  Now I wish I could see her sitting there and feel the heat blow out at me because she had her space heater running. Mama was the coolest old lady around. She was talking about how things had changed, and she referred to the air conditioner and the space heater that she had in her room.  She was telling my granddaughter how they thought it was the greatest thing in the world when they were given their first fan. She talked about the big hole in the floor that had a grate over it. It was their air vent that put heating from the living room furnace to the upstairs. My granddaughter couldn’t fathom not having a thermostat in the upstairs to get heat in.  She didn’t know that there were no furnaces back there and that Zone Control was modern to my mother. She had never known anything but having instant heating by setting a thermostat, or instant cooling from the air conditioning. It makes me wonder what kind of things she will talk about when she gets to be ninety-two, and how her grandchildren will think about how archaic it sounds.  I’m sure there will be a lot of advances in HVAC systems, by then.

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