Bumps in the road

My wife and I were actually fighting a lot when we purchased our first home. The biggest problem was that I didn’t have the HVAC system inspected. She couldn’t understand how I wouldn’t have the HVAC system checked out when we were buying such an expensive home. Basically we got ripped off with the HVAC system, but at least the rest of the house was nice. I couldn’t find any other issues other than the heating and cooling system being absolutely ancient. We fought a lot, but at least I was able to cool down and let her know the bright side of the situation. I was saying that we at least had the opportunity to pick out a new HVAC system that we both loved. This made her perk up a little and she said we should go right away to choose a new HVAC system. When we were at the HVAC dealer, she seemed to prefer the radiant heated floors. I wasn’t quite sure if that was the best choice, but honestly, I was so sick of arguing with my wife. If we were going to enjoy our new place together separate from getting a divorce, I knew that we had to go with what she desired at that moment. So I agreed with her that radiant heated floors would be the best thing to get. I came to find after the installation that I was really pleased with those radiant heated floors. They were incredibly energy efficient and we had seriously low bills with our HVAC system. She was happy, and honestly, so was I. We were able to get over the bumps in the road from purchasing a new house together, and I knew that in the future I would be more wise about the steps of purchasing a property.

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