Buddy house sat and cranked up my heated floors

I had my buddy Debbie house sit for me the other day and it went horrible. Debbie is not the brightest bulb. I forget to tell her that my house uses heated floors for heating. All I told her was to run the faucets, get my mail and adjust my heater when she needed to. I did not want to come home to any damage. Well, Debbie must not have realized that I had heated flooring and just did not call me. I came home and my radiant flooring system was up so high. The floors were borderline hot to touch. I think Debbie found the thermostat for my heating equipment. I don’t think she knew where the heater was. The weather got to be quite cold though. So I think she wanted to up the heater to a certain temperature. She then just upped my thermostat and left. If you know anything about heated floors, you know the error right away. Radiant heaters don’t need to be set as high as normal heaters. The reason is that the heating is all at the flooring level. No heated air rises to the ceiling. Also, the radiant heater is absorbed into all objects like the couch, chairs and ottoman. Naturally the home feels hotter. So setting the thermostat at around 68 degrees for a furnace is good, but heated floors that is sweltering. I am literally living in fear over how high my bills are going to be with this. I know now that Debbie can’t house sit or we need to go over how heated flooring works.

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