Air purifier as a gift

Nothing says love the way an air cleaner does… My guy got me an air purification method for our anniversary. I am toying with the idea that this is thoughtful as well as very insulting. On one hand, it is super nice of him to get me a whole-cabin air purifier. I have trouble with allergies. I frequently get sick when the weather changes and I sneeze a lot. The media air cleaner would work along with our HVAC unit to remove the extra dust from the air quality. I could breathe easier and our HVAC would work better too; Nobody wants to buy an media air cleaner themselves. It was a gift I never would have thought of and I particularly needed it. My guy even paid for the installation of the whole-cabin air purifier. I am a little insulted though since the media air cleaner is also used to target smells in the air quality. Do I smell or does our cabin smell? I love making my guy breakfast with all kinds of spices. I am wondering if the cabin reeks afterwards. This would explain the air quality cleaning gift. The media air cleaner would do its task when the A/C was on. It would remove the icky smells as it was cooling me during the cooking process. I hope this is not why he got the gift for me. I adore the plan of getting a gift to keep us healthy rather than to stop me from smelling. I can’t ask him why he got the gift for me though. I don’t guess he would own up to the smelly option if it was true.

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