Air flow feels great

I really don’t like road trips. I love being able to sleep, while someone else is driving. If I am forced to drive for any distance, I have to be perfectly comfortable. Airflow is essential to my comfort. I adjust each one of the air vents, so the air flow is centered over my face, chest, and midsection. I adjust the driver side temperature dial to 66°. Even if snow is falling outdoors, I still prefer the temperature inside to be cool and crisp. If the airflow is perfect, then I can usually drive for 3 or 4 hours at a time. I can travel about 500 miles on one tank of gas, and that is usually the perfect amount of driving for me. If the indoor air quality is perfect, then I don’t mind driving for a few hours. When my wife is driving, she adjust the air vents and air flow the way that she prefers. She doesn’t like the temperature to be 66 degrees, and she prefers a more warmer climate. Lucky for us, our new truck has individual temperature settings for the driver and passenger sides. I can still be cool and comfortable with my side of the truck set to 66°. My wife can also be comfortable with a warmer temperature and less air flow. While my wife does most of the driving, I do most of the sleeping. It usually takes her a full day to recover after we spend all day driving somewhere. Since we are retired, we usually spend most of our time driving the RV from one state to another.

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