AC installation should be done by a professional-it gets damaged otherwise

When it comes to air conditioner installation, it is best to leave it up to the professional. You don’t want to have your buddy install the cooling system. They will most likely forget a step or do a step wrong. With air conditioning, it is pretty picky. If you do something wrong, the air conditioner will never work the same. Refrigerant on the initial cooling installation is key. The HVAC technician knows the proper amount for each system. This is as easy as changing the oil on a car. Most people don’t know how to do it, but for a mechanic it is easy. Adding refrigerant is the same. If you put in too much refrigerant, the AC system overflows and leaks all over the house. This damages quite a few parts on the cooling system. Too little of refrigerant is even worse though. You don’t have enough liquid for cooling production. So the air conditioner will work, but grind and wear down the AC parts. Expect big cooling repairs really soon if you mess up the amount of refrigerant. A nice added bonus is that even after correcting the mistake, the air conditioner is never the same. The cooling unit will never be as efficient after that first mistake. It will run longer and harder hours. Also, the AC system will have about half the lifespan that it should. All of this is due to improper AC installation. Don’t take a chance on such a big expense. Get a real cooling professional to handle this set up process for you.